We are

Our products contain no preservatives, food colouring or additives or any other kind. They are preserved thanks to natural ingredients (such as oil, vinegar or salt) and sterilization at high temperature.


Nuestras conservas solo contienen lo que produce la naturaleza, tal y como nos lo entrega.

Taste of Nature.

In Mar-Tret we love natural things. We love being able to appreciate the flavours, the texture of food, the aromas. That is the reason why we take maximum care in our products.

We care about the raw materials from origin, so that they will keep their nutrients and properties intact.

Our work does not start in the kitchen. Sowing and cultivation are a fundamental part of our products.

— Anna Martí, Product Manager.

Nothing else.

From nature to your table. We want to offer you the best and give you the peace of mind of eating completely natural products, with nothing added, as if they were home-made.

No food colouring, whitening or additives of any sort… NOTHING.