Pepper mousse with caviar lentils

How to make

1. Place 4 quail eggs in a pot with cold water and bring the water to boil. When the boiling starts count 8 minutes, turn the fire off, let it cool down, peel and reserve
2. Place the drained pepper in the blender bowl and grind well. Add the milk cream and whip everything for a couple minutes with the cream whipping sticks.
3. When the mixture gets a spongy consistence pour it into a Martini shaped glass or similar and place in the fridge.
4. Empty the lentils from the jar to the strainer. Wash them well in cold water and drain them. Place them carefully over the pepper mousse, and then place a quail egg on top, sliced in half.
5. Leave it in the fridge to cool for a couple of hours and serve very cold. The lentils mixed with the pepper mousse are delicious!

  • 125cl. Cream
  • A 250g jar of roasted pepper Mar-Tret
  • A 340g jar of caviar lentil Mar-Tret
  • 4 quail eggs