Traditionally-made selected, natural conserves

Traditional quality since 1977

Mar-Tret Teca S.L. started out in business on the Rambla Catalunya in Olesa de Montserrat back in 1977. It was a shop with a small kitchen in which grilled pepper, ‘escalivada’ and cooked vegetables were prepared.

With time the business prospered and in 1998 it moved its premises to Masia Can Cortadelles, where it is now located. In this way it was able to expand the kitchen and add a store room, a cold room and a labelling area. This enabled it to start making larger quantities, without sacrificing quality or the traditional approach. And this is how we still make our conserves today.

100% natural products

Mar-Tret products contain no preservatives, colourings or additives of any kind. They are conserved simply by natural products like oil, vinegar or salt and sterilisation at high temperatures, which give the produce a shelf life of three years.

Production in small batches makes it possible to monitor quality precisely and adjust the products’ cooking time to each batch that comes in. This means that they can always be enjoyed cooked to just the right point, whatever the time of year the conserve was made at.

Our customers like eating well and choose the healthiest foods, but also things that are quick and easy to prepare.

If you too like eating well and you care about healthy eating, try them! There are lots to choose from!

Anna Martí

Product manager


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