wherever you are.

Proximity and seasonal products are the secret to the quality of our cuisine. Our preserves capture precious moments of nature and bring them to you wherever you are.

Rhythm of nature.

In Mar-Tret we know the rhythm of nature well. We respect the seasonality of our products when making our preserves, allowing you to enjoy them at any moment of the year.

Opening a Mar-Tret jar is to savour a moment of nature.

— Anna Martí, Product Manager.

Proximity products and Slow Food.

We like using proximity and great quality products like Pedrosillano chick peas, Santa Pau beans (protected Designation of Origin), ganxet beans, or peppers from Almería and Murcia. We know that the quality of the soil of each area offers characteristic products with unmatched flavour, and we choose the best from each area.

All our preserves can be part of any vegan or vegetarian diet, since we do not use any product of animal origin. We feel very close to the “Slow Food” movement. Food needs to be savoured and enjoyed leisurely. Eating should be a pleasure and the enjoyment of a quiet time.